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Turfco - TriWave Overseeder

Turfco - TriWave Overseeder
Name : Overseeder
Manufacturer : Turfco
Model : TriWave Overseeder
Weight : 521.6kg
Width : 1.88m
Height : 1.3m
Length : 1.02m

The TriWave 60 overseeder is the latest innovation from Turfco® and is set to revolutionise turf overseeding. If you want great germination with less disruption, demo a TriWave 60. As with the many greenkeepers who helped in its development, you''ll find the TriWave 60 will truly make a difference on your course.

  • TriWave’s 1½" seed spacing, combined with three independent floating heads, increases germination by following the contours of the terrain for consistent seed depth.
  • Its WaveBlade™ technology creates clean, optimal slit widths for better seed-to-soil contact while keeping turf disruption to a minimum.
  • Seed depth can be infinitely adjusted in the field to suit the needs of each situation.
  • A unique seed delivery system places seed directly into the slit, reducing waste while further increasing germination.




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